What are optical brighteners?

Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals which are added to the liquid and detergent powder to make clothing appear whiter, brighter and cleaner. They are the modern day replacements for the decades old method of bluing adding small amounts of blue dye to fabric to make it appear whiter. Read More

Brief About Optical Brightening Agents & Their Uses

OBAs are chemical compounds that play with colors. As the name suggests it is self-explanatory that Optical Brighteners are those brighteners operate the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, especially in relation to the action of light and colors. Read More

Increasing Demand of Optical Brightener over Bleaching & bluing

The commercial value of fabrics depends upon the degree of whiteness or brightness. Coloring of textiles results in some impurities which reduce the density of color. Read More

Optical Whiteners in laundrey detergent, plastic & Paper industries

Optical brighteners which are normally used in laundry detergent can help in converting the low density colors of the cloth such as yellow and brown color into high density color i.e blue and violet. Read More

Benefits of Optical Brighteners for Textile Industries

As the time develop and individuals turn out to be increasingly aware of the way they introduce themselves, the Read More

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